Listings pursuant to the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Your personal information

Personal information that we receive from you will never be used for any purpose other
than shipping the product to you and communicating with you. We are solely responsible
for gathering and storing all information, and we will never transfer or supply that
information to a third party.


Nenohi Cutlery Co., Ltd.
2277-1 Inokuchi, Nakai Town, Ashigarakami District, Kanagawa Prefecture 259-0151
[Physical shop] Tsukiji Nenohi
1st Floor, Kaneshin Building, Tsukiji 4-10-5, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0045

Sales Manager and Personal Information Protection Officer

Representative Director Yusuke Sawada


TEL:0120-118-377(フリーダイヤル) 0465-43-7744

Fees required in addition to product price

  1. The consumption tax fee: Consumption tax is not included in the list prices. A 10%
    additional consumption tax is added at time of purchase.
  2. An additional shipping fee is required for orders under 10,000 yen before tax. Check
    shipping prices here.
  3. Bank transfer processing fees (money transfer fees are paid by the customer).

Delivery schedule

・In-stock products are shipped within 3 business days after the order is confirmed.
・Delivery of out-of-stock products may take anywhere from 1 week to 1 month or more. We
will inform you of the specific delivery schedule by e-mail when we confirm your order.
(Special order products will take even longer to produce. We will notify you of the delivery
schedule for this by e-mail as well.)


Payment upon delivery: You pay the product price to the deliverer when the product arrives.
This payment does not require any extra processing fees, so it is the easiest payment method.

【 Bank transfer 】

You transfer money into our account. We ship the product to you
immediately after confirming the transfer. *For out-of-stock items, we will contact you as
soon as shipping is possible.


ジャパンネット銀行 本店営業部(支店番号001) 普通口座 7402012
口座名義: 株式会社 子の日 「 カ)ネノヒ 」

ゆうちょ銀行 〇二八支店(ゼロニハチ) 口座番号 3982886
口座名義: 株式会社 子の日 「 カ)ネノヒ 」


【キャンセルにつきまして 】キャンセルは発送前でしたらいつでも可能です。
ただし、特注品、お名前入れなど製作や加工を行う物に関しましては オーダーが確定しました時点で作業を行いますのでキャンセルが出来ません。 オーダー内容を良くご確認頂けます様お願い致します。【 返品・交換につきまして 】

・お客様が汚損、破損した場合【 返品の際の返送料につきまして 】・お客様のご都合による場合は、お客様がご負担下さい。
送料弊社負担の場合には「料金着払い」にてお送り願います。【 返送方法 】


株式会社 子の日
〒259-0151 神奈川県足柄上郡中井町井ノ口2277-1
TEL 0465-43-7744


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