Shipping and Returns

Products are delivered by DHL.

For products that cost over 20,000 yen, shipping are included in the product price.
For products that cost less than 20,000 yen, 4,000 yen is added as shipping fees.
We accept credit card and PayPal payments.

Returns & Exchanges

Returns and exchanges are allowed for the following conditions.
・If you receive the wrong product or a defective product
・Within 14 days after receiving the product, if the product has remained unused
However, we cannot accept returns or provide exchanges for special order products or
products with a personalized name added on the product.

Returns and exchanges are not allowed in the following conditions.
・If over 14 days has passed since you received the product.
・If the product has been used (unless the product is defective).
・If the purchaser has defaced or damaged the product.

Shipping fees for product returns

The customer pays shipping fees for returns based on any grounds not attributable to the

Returning Products

First send an e-mail regarding your intent to return the product, and then ship the product
through the postal service.
2277-1 Inokuchi Ashigarakamigun Kanagawa 259-0151 Japan
Phone: 0465-43-7744

Privacy Policy

We will never disclose or supply your personal information to any third parties without your
consent. However, if we receive an order from a court of law, the police, a consumer center,
or any institution possessing the same level of authority, we will disclose information in
accordance with the order.
Regarding the information displayed on this website, distributing or reproducing any or all of
the contents of this website, through any means and in any format, without obtaining prior
written permission, is strictly prohibited, unless special permission has been attained.