Home using knife

This knife model was developed under the concept, "Bringing a professional edge to the household." It boasts a blade that provides the same edge as a knife that a professional chef would use, but is crafted to be lighter for ease-of-use in the household and designed for easy maintenance as well. If you are looking for chef knife with top level performance that makes cooking more pleasurable and food more beautiful, if you are looking for a knife that you can use for many years, this is a knife we definitely want you to experience.

Choose Blade
We have designed four types of chef knives in sizes perfect for home use, to match your preference and usage needs.
The ideal series if you are looking for a sophisticated, high quality knife possessing the feel of tradition in a high quality ambiance that harmonizes perfectly with your kitchen.
The perfect series if you are looking for a modern and elegant chef knife with a beautifully shining Damascus pattern.
This knife is also available in four selectable styles.