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The result of years of research on stainless steel and the blending of the latest technology and traditional methods. An array of rust resistant knives offering the best cutting edge.

The introduction to the world of high-end Japanese knives. Rust-resistant stainless steel knives that outshine the standard variety.

Kaede Honyaki

The perfect rust-resistant knives that provide a cutting edge on par with the traditional steel Honyaki knives.


A Honyaki knife is made of carbon steel, and is regarded as the highest quality knife with a sharpness that lasts. The quality of the carbon decides the sharpness of the blade. Carbon breaks under high temperature, and to ensure that the carbon is not damaged, and that all impurities are eliminated, blacksmiths slowly forge and shape each blade at a low temperature. This time-consuming process limits production to a few Honyaki blades each day.
  • Shiro Honyaki
  • Shiro Mizu Honyaki
  • Blue Honyaki

Shiro Honyaki

Shiro-ko (white steel) is the most traditional material used for Japanese knives, and is popular for its clean and precise cut, and ease of sharpening.

Shiro Mizu Honyaki

Shiromizu Honyaki knives consistently provide the perfect slice, but the blades are fragile and require the utmost care.

Ao Honyaki

Ao-ko (blue steel) is produced by adding chrome and tungsten to white steel. Ao Honyaki knives are the most durable, and the sharpness of the hard blades lasts longer requiring the right sharpening stones.

A Kasumi knife is a combination of carbon steel and soft iron which is easier to forge. The resulting softer blade nevertheless provides the sharpness characteristic of carbon steel.
  • Shiro Kasumi
  • Shiro Premier Kasumi
  • Ao Premier Kasumi

Shiro Kasumi

Shiro Kasumi provides the sharpness only made possible by forging white steel at low temperatures.

    Shiro Premier Kasumi

    The Premier range with sharpness consistently providing perfect slices.

    Ao Premier Kasumi

    Ao Premier Kasumi knives are the most durable with long lasting sharpness, and highly recommended for chefs working in busy environments.

      Crafted for those who prefer knives with a double edge.


      Rust-resistant double-edged Japanese style knives designed for a variety of food preparation.